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Innovation In Energy Savings

6% to 16% Savings!

How to reduce carbon emissions - The Magnatech™ Technology:

Magnatech Technology is a system based on the discovery that high-powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed pipes cause the fuel to burn at a higher temperature and therefore optimises boiler performance. This whole process facilitates a rise in flame temperature of up to 120°C + (all well within the tolerance of the boiler). The stability of Magnatech Technology ensure that the boiler begins to operate more efficiently, under different configurations and flow rates delivering a significant reduction in cost enhancing profitability.

  • The Boiler Reaches Target Temperature Sooner

  • The Burner's "Burning Time" is Reduced

  • Less Fuel is Burnt in Reaching the Target Temperature

  • Reduced CO2 and NOx Emissions

Magnatech Technology

Magnatech™ System is researched, tried and tested and designed to achieve energy efficiency.

Development of the Magnatech Technology and process of installation has taken over a decade of researching and testing. Magnatech™ products are manufactured to our own specification using the most powerful Neodymium Magnets available today.

This proprietary method of harnessing powerful magnetic technology and controlling combustion behaviour consistently, is why the Magnatech™ System is so effective in delivering energy savings that last a lifetime.

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TRITECH ETV Certification

Magnatech™ was invited to take part in the European Union Environmental Programme LIFE + that funded a project to look at emerging technologies in the fields of water, soil and energy. After months of analysis and trials, it was agreed that our technology did indeed reduce fuel consumption by at least 6%. Magnatech™ is one of just 15 Companies in Europe who now hold the TRITECH ETV certificate.


Blue chip companies and organizations that are already using The Magnatech System

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