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The Smart Valve Science

The Smart Valve™ takes long established principles of pressure and fluid dynamics, such as Boyle’s Law regarding gas pressure and volume, and Le Chatelier’s Principle of volumetric dynamics, and applies them in a new and financially rewarding application. We understand the physics of water and have applied that understanding to create a product that saves our customers money and water!

The Problems With Water

There are several potential problems inherent in water delivery, usage and metering that can impact your water consumption and water costs. Most of these concerns revolve around water system pressure (PSI), flow rate (GPM) and turbulence. 

It’s a simple fact that along with the volume of water passing through your water meter is a volume of air. The volume of that air will vary as the water pressure fluctuates between static and dynamic pressure. The problem is that over 99% of water meters measure by volume, regardless if that volume is liquid or gas.

Water meters are designed to be accurate within a specific flow range (GPM). If the flow rate exceeds this range it can cause the meter to measure inaccurately, charging you for more than the actual gallonage used.

City pressure can fluctuate significantly, causing pressure surges and drops which can cause the meter to over-spin, and which can even damage water systems and equipment. Surges also occur anytime you go from a closed system (static) to an open system (dynamic), such as when you are using no water then turn on your faucet or hose.

Water fixtures in your building are typically designed for water pressure of no more than 65 PSI. The water pressure delivered by your municipality (city pressure) is often much higher, resulting in too much water being pushed through your fixtures and potentially leaking through seals and gaskets that are designed for 65 PSI, resulting in increased maintenance and replacement costs.

The Advantages

2nd Generation Smart Valve Advantages

One-time installation The 2nd Generation Smart Valve is externally adjustable. Once installed it can be quickly and easily adjusted without ever needing to pay a plumber again to turn off the water to remove the device. Saves time, money and avoids future interruption of water delivery.

Consistently better performance The Smart Valve now has a wide range of effect settings – from ‘zero effect’ to ‘maximum effect’ and all points in between. The valve is delivered and installed at or near the ‘zero’ setting, where it has little or no effect. Once the water is turned back on the valve is adjusted to the perfect setting for the system. Eliminating the guesswork of calibrating BEFORE installation has resulted in consistently better results every single time, and just as importantly, obtaining optimum results without issue.


Ability to adjust to changes In the future, if the system pressure or flow rate changes up or down the Smart Valve can be quickly and easily adjusted to maintain maximum savings without the need to interrupt service or call in a plumber.


Greater flow rates Older valves are often designed to slide inside the pipe in flanged versions, or they are typically male threaded in threaded pipe sizes. This results in a significantly smaller interior diameter than the existing pipe, which therefore lowers your maximum flow rate. The 2nd generation Smart Valve is either double flanged (3-inch and larger) or female threaded (2-inch and smaller). This allows for a much larger interior diameter with no loss in flow capacity.


Highly visible Facility managers and other personnel come and go. A new facility manager might not know about or be able to easily locate a valve that is installed inside a pipe. Because the 2nd Generation Smart Valve is double flanged and clearly marked, it will always be highly visible and easy to locate for existing or future facility personnel.


Fully Certified The new design works under the same principles as the original design, is made with the same high-quality materials and precision manufacturing. This innovative new design is covered by the same NSF 61 and NSF 372 certifications.

The Benefits of the 3rd Generation Smart Valve:

The 3rd Generation Smart Valve has all the same benefits as the 2nd Generation, PLUS:

  • Greater Flow Capacity – The 3rd Generation Smart Valve™ has nearly THREE TIMES the capacity of any previous design!

  • More Adjustable – The Smart Valve™ now has an even wider range of effect settings to ensure that we can find the PERFECT setting for every system.

  • Ease of Calibration – Whereas the 2nd Generation requires a little muscle to adjust it, the 3rd Generation Smart Valve can be calibrated with the strength of a fingertip.

How The Smart Valve™ Works

Air Compression

The Smart Valve™ constantly adjusts to downstream demand, while MAINTAINING as near city (static) pressure UPSTREAM past the water meter. By not allowing pressure to drop upstream, it prevents air volume from expanding due to the typical pressure drop created by water demand. The volume of air passes by the water meter in this compressed state until after it passes through the Smart Valve™ and soon returns to its original lower pressure state. The Smart Valve™ eliminates the excess volume of air at the point of water meter measurement, ensuring a lower meter reading but not impacting the pressure of water coming into the facility.

Pressure Reduction

Almost all water devices are designed for approximately 60-65 psi water supply. A higher psi can cause excessive water delivery, as well as undetected leaks at seals and gaskets. A pressure reducer can help this by maintaining a 60-65 psi into the facility. Unfortunately, these devices require maintenance and often fail. The Smart Valve™ is a reliable back-up, as it can achieve a significant pressure reduction in high-PSI water systems, reducing the problems caused by excessive water pressure.

Flow Stabilization

Water meters are designed to be accurate within a specific flow range. If the flow exceeds this range, it can cause the metering to overread consumption. This is especially true during a surge as can happen by variability in the municipal water supply or by moving from a static to dynamic water flow. The Smart Valve’s™ proprietary variably adjusting technology eliminates these peaks and valleys, creating a smooth, even flow that keeps your meter readings more accurate and protects against damage that can occur from a surge.

Reduced Consumption
An effect of creating back pressure upstream is a corresponding pressure drop downstream. The Smart Valve™ can precisely control the amount of pressure drop based on individual system needs. This pressure drop reduces actual water consumption in non-volumetric water uses such as showers, sinks, hoses and the like, adding up to meaningful water bill savings.

Other Benefits

By virtue of its design the Smart Valve™ acts as a secondary back flow preventer to protect the municipal water supply. This is becoming more and more important as municipalities seek to better protect our water reserves from contamination.

Our Guarantee 

The Smart Valve™ has been proven to save our customers money and water. It works 24/7/365 with no maintenance needed. It enables our customers to set it and forget it. The only difference noticed is reduced water and sewer bills! We are very confident in the benefits, such that we offer all customers a money back guarantee if they don’t achieve the results we agree upon at the beginning of each new project.

Your One Stop Solution

  • Keeps the water line pressurized at the meter to avoid being charged for air volume.

  • Keeps your flow rate in the desired range for additional water meter accuracy. 

  • Reduces excessively high water pressure. 

  • Eliminates over consumption due to high pressure. 

  • Conserves water, especially in facilities without pressure reducers or flow regulators. 

  • Acts as a shock absorber against pressure surges and drops.

Smart Valve™ Pod Cast Interview with CEO Jeff Chalfin.

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