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Frequently Asked Questions

Development of The Magnatech™ System and the process of installation has taken over a decade of research and testing. Each Magnatech™ unit is manufactured to our own specification using rare earth material.

Our proprietary method of harnessing powerful magnetic technology and controlling combustion behaviour consistently is why The Magnatech™ System is so effective in delivering both energy saving and reducing carbon emissions that last a lifetime.

Magnatech™ is a specially designed fuel conditioner that uses high powered magnetic fields. When The Magnatech™ System is installed on the fuel line, the strong magnetic flux makes the covalent ties in the hydro-carbon molecules, weaker and this provides a higher combustion temperature from the fuel which is still well within the boilers tolerances.

  • Installing of The Magnatech™ System is also relatively simple and there is no need to use any tools or to cut the fuel pipe.

  • The Magnatech™ System is installed without stopping the system, so no down time.

  • The Magnatech™ System does not need any electrical connection.

  • The Magnatech™ System loses only 1% of its power every 100 years.

  • The Magnatech™ System does not need any maintenance or servicing.

  • The Magnatech™ System pays for itself within a very short period of time (usually well within 2 years).

  • The Magnatech™ System for Carbon Reduction, Lower emissions, and to Reduce CO2

How does the system work?

The fuel flows through a series of alternating poles and the positive and negative parts of the hydrocarbon molecule are affected by these alternating poles, they will try to stabilize and will do so after a short time but if they are moved into an area with oxygen then they will bond with that oxygen and make a more combustible material, causing all of the fuel to burn at once and so making a shorter brighter and hotter flame. There are other theories on the process but it is accepted that there is a temperature increase. The increase is about 120C.

How do you prove the results?

The simple response is that the customer will know how much fuel they use and when they have changes in production that might make a difference to consumption. If customers need help with the calculations and how to compare a mild month with a cold month then Magnatech can help with that. Basically, there needs to be a good quality base line to measure the results from, at least, 3 months of data. The magnets are put on the fuel line and then after 6 weeks the data is collected again for another 6 weeks (the reason for the 6 week gap is to allow the magnetic field to go into the pipework) the results for the last 6 weeks are then compared to the base line (using degree days if necessary) and there should be a reduction. If the customer would like longer to monitor the data then this can be agreed.
Can the system affect the boiler?

No, Magnatech does nothing to affect the boiler and we do not touch it at all. When boiler manufacturers have been contacted they have said that so long as the magnetic fields do not affect their sensitive valves or switches then they have no problem with the installation. Almost all sensitive parts of a boiler are encased in an alloy material; this material does not carry magnetic fields. The magnets do not affect any sensitive devices unless they are actually placed on the magnets, which is impossible. The temperature increase in the flame is well within the tolerances of any boiler and it is a small percentage increase. We have installed our units on tens of thousands of boilers dating back over 14 years and we have never had any problems reported to us.

What does influence the results? Is there a limitation in size?

The results can be influenced by a variety of things, the outside temperature is a major one, the temperature of incoming water for steam boilers, and for heating systems even the wind and the speed of heat loss can make a difference. Variations in production and demand, alterations to the raw material, new processes being introduced, new leakage and heating loss. The variation of calorific value of fuels supplied by a fuel company. But most significantly of all are people. Systems where there is no unauthorized interference and where there are very accurate thermostats are the best ones. Size is a factor, particularly pipe size and material, as the penetration into the pipe is less as the pipe size increases and if all the pipework is too big then the Magnatech units cannot be installed.
Does the Gas pressure make any difference?

Pressure in itself does not make a difference but speed of flow does. If the system has a high speed such as on CHP (Combined Heat and Power) then it is unlikely that enough magnets can be placed close enough to the point of combustion to make a difference. Again pipe size and use of the boiler could influence the number of units required. If there is just a fan on the gas line to speed up flow then that should not be a problem.
Can a person be affected who is standing close to the magnets?

Not by standing close to the magnets. The magnets are constructed so the backs (facing away from the pipe) do not lose very much magnetic power. You have to be touching the units or be putting them on the pipe work to be affected - the only affects are that your fingers may be trapped under the magnets and between the pipes.
Do you have any independent certifications

Certificates such as CE mark are not required for this type of product but we do have independent verification from the TRITECH ETV project, an EU funded project to help identify new technologies that are good for the environment and to help speed them into the market place. This allows potential clients to buy with confidence knowing that they have been independently verified to meet the manufacturers claims. In Magnatech's case a saving of over 10% were recorded.
Do you have a list of references with supporting data?

We have case studies and detailed results for a range of different sites. Many clients do not wish to release their data as they see it as confidential material that may give a competitor or their own clients information that they feel might disadvantage them.
Why is not everybody using it today?

They should be! Over the years Magnatech have slowly developed and adapted the range of magnets as lessons have been learnt and the demands of different installations met. This has enabled more and more companies to use them. Growth has been very quick in recent years as existing clients spread the word.
How much will I save? How quick is the payback?

The average saving is 12% and we guarantee a minimum saving of 6%. Payback is usually within 1-2 years or earlier, making this the fastest Return on Investment system of its type in the market today.


The Magnatech™ Systemworks on virtually all Oil, Gas and LPG fired boilers and burners. Using 14 years of development with this technology, the Magnatech System is fitted to the outside of the fuel pipes to provide maximum energy saving, depending on:

  • The output of the boiler.

  • The pipe size and material.

  • The fuel type.

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