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Innovation In Energy Savings

6% to 16% Savings!

Bupa Case

Care Homes - Warrens Hall, Tividale.

The two water heater boilers at Warrens Hall had Magnatech units installed on August 4 2015.

When comparing the total gas consumption on the whole site compared to the same period the previous year there is a reduction of 11% in consumption using Heating Degree Days for the period August 4th to Nov 7th. The kitchen and laundry also use gas but their gas burning appliances did not have Magnatech units fitted to them.

The consumption in the prior 4 months was 42,642.332 kWh
The consumption for post 4 month was 41,694.87 kWh, nearly 1000 kWh less

By using degree days the to take into account any variables created by the outside temperature the reduction in consumption from 2014 to 2015 is 11%.

Gas and water meters were placed on the water heaters for a month before the installation of magnatech units.

Prior to installation - 719m3 of gas to 67m3 of water over 33 days = 10.4
Post installation - 2139m3 of gas to 175m3 of water over 96 days = 12.5

However, when the outside temperature is taken into account there were 48 degree days in the pre installation period and 109 degree days in the post installation period. The outside temperature does affect the volume of fuel consumed even when heating water because of a number of factors such as raising the water temperature further, heat loss etc etc. The figures used come from Birmingham Airport and found on

Pfizer Case

Site Details
Site 1 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Factory in Morpeth, the boiler chosen was isolated from other systems and only used t
o provide central heating and hot water for the QA labs. The site is a multi product site now owned by Nicholas Piramal of India – NPIL. The 2 boilers were Cochran Wee Chieftain Boilers both were Natural Gas fired at 750,000 BTU.

Monitoring Equipment

A sophisticated automatic electronic monitoring system, part of the BM System collected all data.

Energy Calculations

The boilers were monitored for 56 days prior to the installation of the fuel conditioning units. Throughout this period the average daily gas consumption was 379.6 m3. The degree day data gathered from the Met Office was applied to the consumption resulting in the degree day data applied gas consumption being 57.9 m3/day. The magnetic fuel conditioning units were installed to the gas inlet pipe and the boiler was monitored again. The boilers were monitored for a period of 65 days once the fuel conditioning units had been installed, throughout this period the average daily gas consumption was 579.6 m3. The degree day data gathered from the Met Office was applied to the consumption resulting in the degree day data applied daily gas consumption being 52 m3/day.


This resulted in a gas consumption saving of (57.9- 52)/57.9 = 10.2% saving.



Carbon Reduction Results for Waitrose Stores
Taking just two stores from the Waitrose Branches:

Reading & Newport

There was a calculated reduction in gas consumption of:
122,532 kW at Reading and 90,489kW at Newport.
In perspective - to balance 20,000kg of Carbon Dioxide 1,000 trees are required.

23,281 kg less carbon dioxide for Reading

(over an 8 month period)

17, 192 kg less carbon dioxide for Newport

(over an 8 month period)



Bathgate Distribution Centre, Scotland

Heating Degree Days(HDD) based on Edinburgh Airport

Magnatech Units installed November 2012


Aldi uses Magnatec Technology
In percentage terms 14.41665 - 12.185539 2.231111(2.231111/14.41665 =0.1547) *100 = 15.47%

This represents a reduction in fuel consumption of 15.47% over the comparable heating periods before and after the Magnatech units were installed.


191.1-161.61= 29.49 difference.
29.49/191.1=0.1543 x100 = 15.43% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the same 7 months the previous year.

To calculate degree days Edinburgh Airport was used.
e.g. December 2011 there were 335 Heating Degree Days (HDD)

December 2012 there were 372 HDD
Divide consumption by heating degree days 61241/335= 182.80 and 57138/372 = 153.59
Subtract 2012 figures from 2011 / 2011 x 100 to = % 182.8-153.59 = 29.21 / 182.8= 0.1598 x 100 =
15.98% reduction

Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 1.07.27 PM.png


Global Pharmaceutical Company Genzyme Installed Magnatech™ Pro Fuel System on their boiler

Average daily consumption was £524. An annual consumption for that boiler was in excess of £155,000.


Genzyme uses Magnatec Technology
The units were installed and when matched against production then the average daily consumption was down to £469 a reduction of £55 per day.

A saving of over 10.4%
Giving a Return on Investment of approximately 6 months.
In ten years if fuel prices remained the same saving = £200,000 from an investment of just £10,000

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